Official Announcement, 10.4.2017

Madison-Mayflower, the fastest growing Contact Center company in Nordics, has today announced a strategic partnership with Giosg, the leading live-chat software provider in Northern Europe.

Through this partnership Madison-Mayflower expands its services into the rapidly evolving Live Chat market, initially in the Nordics, following an expansion plan to Asia.

Madison-Mayflower starts offering Live Chat customer support services for existing and new companies using Live Chat on their websites. Company’s main focus will be on medium- to large scale web shops and websites.
Managing Director of Madison-Mayflower, Mr. Tim Sebastian Olsbo, said: “We are thrilled to launch this partnership with Giosg with a target of taking over the Live Chat Customer Support in Nordics”.

The service of Madison-Mayflower is to improve the results which its client companies are currently receiving from using Live Chat on their website.

The firm offers cost effective, online customer service personnel to manage online customer relations of web shops and websites. The service personnel of Madison-Mayflower operates in the native language of each client and / or market.

“Various companies in Nordic countries have already adopted Live Chat as part of their core communication with their customers. Nevertheless, many times the service is not utilized into its full potential due high labor costs. Having a native, 24 hour online customer service person available to serve customers and to take orders, would be extremely beneficial but comes with a high cost.
Madison-Mayflower is to change this. Our clients will receive native speaking / writing, Sales Oriented customer support personnel to manage all their online customers 24/7 with a fraction of the cost of having their own in-house personnel”, Olsbo continued.
Sales Director of Giosg, Mr. Immo Salonen said: “We here at Giosg see a great potential in the partnership with Madison-Mayflower as it aside from further strengthening our business in the Northern European market, opens new and exciting opportunities in Asia.
Madison-Mayflower provides for companies using Live Chat on their websites an extremely valuable service and the opportunity to have a full time, native speaking – sales oriented – customer support person to serve their customers for a great value.”
Both parties have great expectations for the successful partnership.
“We have been looking for a co-operational partner to create success together and we have now found that Partner in Giosg”, Olsbo added.
Stay tuned for more News and Announcements from Madison-Mayflower.

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